Branding (Die Raum, Berlin, 2019)
Writing (Open, Reykjavik, 2019)

Jolene (published på svenska by CLP Works, 2018)

Planned Obsolescence - A Retrospective (published by ATLAS Projectos, 2018)
Planned Obsolescence - A Retrospective (Sismografo, Porto, 2018)
A Cup of Njet (with Nikolaj Nekh) (Wrong Wrong, 2017)
Tags, Mats and Recent Writings (När man står på ett ben och lutar sig så här, Stockholm, 2017)
Before and After Silence (Centres of Indetermination, Sixty Eight, Copenhagen, 2016)
Artist Talk 06.03.15 (Society Acts - Version 2, After Moderna Exhibition 2014, Kim?, Riga, 2015)
Orgelshtick (published by Drucksache, 2014)
SPQR(M) (Rollaversion Gallery, London, 2013)
Studio Practice (Exchange) (Iaspis, Stockholm, 2012)

Ch'ien Chien